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Pro Bono


I volunteer as a coach in the GivingTime programme which seeks to help young people successfully transition from instructor-led learning in school/university to self-led development in the workplace. Each student receives up to 6 hours of coaching aimed at building self leadership (I know who I am, I know what I want, I know I can do it) and in turn they volunteer a minimum of 6 hours for a cause in their community which has meaning and passion for them.  I participate in this programme because I’m passionate about bringing the power of coaching to those who might not otherwise experience it, and because I truly value community involvement. I wish I had experienced coaching earlier in my life, so I’m excited to bring the opportunity to young people now.


I also volunteer as a coach for professionals in the NHS through the London Leadership Academy's ConneX website. NHS staff requesting coaching come from many different NHS roles, some clinical, some administrative. I view this as an opportunity for me to give something back to a fantastic health service which I have benefitted from in many ways throughout my life.

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