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Excelling Through Role Transition

Congratulations on your success in getting your new role!! Now what?? The expectations have changed (both your own and those of your manager), the goal posts have moved, and you want to do a great job! When the shiny excitement of getting that new role wears off, how can you ensure that you have a successful transition and grow effectively into it? Even in moments when you might feel stressed, tired, alone, unsure?  Working with a coach can help you enjoy this period of development.

Developing Personal Power, Presence and Impact

How aware are you of the power (meaning your ability to get things done) that you wield in your role, and how purposeful are you in how you use it? Most of us rarely stop to think about this, but it can really help us to be fully effective in our role. How do you use your presence, does it help or hinder you in some situations? Increasing your awareness of both your power and your presence gives you a secret weapon - choice! With considered choice we are able to increase our impact. Build your PPPI with your coach.

Developing your Leadership Brand

How is it that some people seem to be 'natural leaders' while others find themselves in a leadership position and don't feel equipped to deliver? The truth is, most people are not natural leaders, but the good news is that it requires a set of skills that can be learned and developed. What kind of a leader do you want to be? How far does your leadership shadow extend and who does it touch? Working with a coach will help you to figure this out and give you the confidence to explore and experiment.

Creating the Work/Life Balance you Want

Are you satisfied with the current time and energy you spend on the various different aspects of your life?  There are periods of time when we consciously decide to increase our focus on work for very good reasons - but has this become a constant for you, to the detriment of other things? If you would like to create a different balance, a coach can help you to figure out what that looks like for you, and to build strategies for moving towards it.

Managing Stress​

In our busy lives we may be enjoying a career, raising a family, caring for elderly relatives, commuting, maintaining an active, time-consuming hobby...and forgetting to pay attention to our own needs. Time can seem to evaporate before you've even begun to get done the first item on your extensive To Do list. Working with a coach can help you to recognise what your stressors are, develop strategies to manage them more effectively, and how to make changes that will reduce your stress in the longer term.

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